New Hair, Don’t Care!

We all know it’s nerve-wracking going to a new hairdresser – you are literally putting yourself in their hands. You get a few minutes to describe your dream locks and then it’s not until you see the end result that you find out whether they have interpreted it how you imagined it…

I’ve been pretty lucky to say the least over the years – I always had it done by my lovely sister in law, who did it completely for free and knew exactly what I wanted almost intuitively!

Then as I was working longer hours and couldn’t pop up through the week, I had my fab school friend who was a mobile hairdresser pop round in the evenings.

But in the last few months, as she was away getting married, I experimented with a couple of new options.

The before pic!

The first shall remain nameless – they were really nice, but I asked for balayage and basically came out with ombre that had two colours – dark brown on top and a TON of bleach on the bottom!

So I then turned to the lovely folk at Voodou on Bold Street, Liverpool who I was super nervous about conveying my description to as well as a gallery of photos showing the subtle, blonde and brown highlighted effect I was now going for to make it look a lot more natural.

Director, Nicky and Senior Stylist, Danni were the loveliest and were fantastic at calming me down and reassuring me, they really took their time listening and double checking with me what I was after, and then in the actual job itself they took their time over the actual process.

It felt like every single hair was treated with consideration, and I felt totally at ease and pampered! When they styled it all and revealed the full effect, I was delighted. It was exactly how I wanted it to look and they gave me some great tips on how to treat it with argan oil too because the bleach used by the previous salon had damaged it.

I went back again for a cut and blow because I was so impressed – and once again, they didn’t disappoint! Highly recommend – and it’s a bonus that they do half price colours on late Thursday evenings or Sundays which fits is perfect for me with working full time.

*I was not paid for this post, it is based completely on my own experience and opinions.

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