So, I had a baby! 5 Tips for Motherhood:


Wow, I am so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted on here… I’ve been keeping my social updated a bit better, so if you follow me on there you’ll already be up to speed on my big news, but if not then I’m blessed to have become a mama!

From last July onwards, I had about a gazillion events, then had to finish off decorating the bedroom, then my mat leave handover, and then my baby girl arrived 4 days early!

It’s been a total whirlwind and she has made us both happier than we ever thought possible. I’ll no doubt be writing up my thoughts on motherhood soon, but for now – here’s my top 5 must-have mantras for any new mums:

1. You are enough!
2. Happy mum = happy baby (clichéd but so true, when you have that lightbulb moment and realise it so stop being as hard on yourself)
3. Everything is just a phase. Hang in there
4. Don’t worry about visitors or housework. Just hug your baby – this precious time flies by
5. Every baby is different. Take any advice you find useful but trust your instincts and follow your baby’s cues.

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