Christmas 2018 Round-Up

Happy New Year, everyone! I am following up on my resolution to really get this blog off the ground properly this year – last year was craaazy busy, but I’m determined to be better at updating it this year.

So straight off the bat, I thought I’d write a little update on how Christmas went. It was hands down the most magical Christmas ever. Having a child definitely introduces wonder and beauty in the simplest parts, more than I could have ever imagined.


My favourite parts were when nothing in particular was happening but we were just living in the moment and having fun;  having breakfast while watching ‘Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You’ with my girl ‘woofing’ at the dog; dancing in the living room to Michael Buble’s Christmas album; playing with her bell stick while we sang ‘Jingle Bells’ and going into the living room every morning to say good morning to the  Christmas tree as she got mega excited – all top highlights!

As last Christmas she was only little and we were so busy juggling running around with her, we didn’t feel like we got much down time just to enjoy it. So, we decided that this year we’d have a little pre-Christmas break away. We picked Geneva as the flights were from Liverpool and were only £80! Plus, they were also at decent midday times that fit in around her routine.

It was a lovely little break away and was so nice to have some quality time together amidst the hecticness of Christmas. Geneva was more beautiful than I imagined and Montreux was just breathtaking – I’m going to do a separate travel post all about it imminently!


For me, Christmas is all about family, I love old and young all being together, cousins getting extended time to play together and just all making memories and enjoying the laughter and love. So it was great to watch – and her ball pool definitely came in handy for keeping all the kids entertained!

And Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas for me without aaaaaall the food AND watching Elf a million times… I’m so happy my girl is such a big fan! I didn’t think she’d be that interested as it’s not cartoony but it calmed many a storm caused by dreaded teething!

I hope you all had a fab one too – pop in the comments below to share the best bits of your Christmas!


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