My every day style

Before we start, I just want to highlight I am absolutely not a fashion setter! I am probably the opposite of that and you’re more likely to see me with hair snatched back and living in my jeans. It’s all about low maintenance and comfort for me, always has been! 


However, in a bid to add to the dire lack of content on my blog AND as I’mdoing a bit of a wardrobe sort out (or as the kids these days call it, a Marie Kondo!) I thought I’d list my wardrobe staples, for anyone who’s interested (so probably just my fam who will be the only ones who will read this, ha!)

I wouldn’t say my style has changed massively really since having a baby. I’ve always been laid back, minimal effort but with a sprinkling of colour and leopard print!


The only thing now is I try to avoid anything her little curious hands can tug on! So no big hoop earrings sadly, delicate necklaces or tops that could be pulled down low (yep, this has happened more than once!)

I am a bit more limited on time, though, so I love anything that doesn’t need ironing! And doesn’t require too much fiddling, faff or thinking what to wear it with. So stuff that I can drag out quickly when we’re running late for play group! So, here are my top 5 fave staples:

A fun top or sweater



A cheeky picture, funny slogan or splash of colour is what I’m all about.

A relaxed skirt


Nice and easy to wear, but makes me feel sooo much dressier as I live in jeans most of the time!

Neon coat


Life is too short for dull shades, that is all!

Statement accessories


Very rarely do I remember to wear em, but when I do, I always feel more ‘done’.

A bit of texture


Sorry about the pose – I was on my way to watch ‘Saturday night fever’!!! Probably my favourite thing ever is different textures (satin, velvet, pleather) so I always have a couple of these on my wardrobe.

What are your wardrobe staples? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! X

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