Being gluten, wheat, dairy & sugar free… Well, sort of

So, just to update you, since I last posted on here about my eating habits, I’ve had to incorporate more restrictions into my eating.


I’m gutted. But my body has been telling me it ain’t happy! So, I gotta listen and step up.

After reading up on it, I hadn’t realised that dairy was also really that bad for my condition. Like, REALLY. And that’s so rubbish as dairy is my fave thing in the whoooole world.

And then there’s sugar. Everyone knows this is bad for you, but it’s only been a real problem for me since becoming a mama – when I’ve become hooked on chocolate and cake.


But, a month or two ago after being quite poorly, I decided to get serious and start looking after myself. It’s been a bumpy ride; with food prep, research, recipe books, googling, planning, feeling amazingly better aaand then… Falling off the wagon.

Life got in the way, my dad was in hospital, I didn’t have time to prep and organise food shops on top of work and the little one, so I was forced to grab whatever was handy and go.

But, every little helps, and I’ve definitely reduced what I was previously consuming anyway, which is a good thing. So, here are the main changes I’ve made:

  • Up the fruit and veg, as standard
  • Dairy free cheese and cream cheese
  • Introducing more endo specific friendly fruits (pineapple, rhubarb, blueberries)
  • Less caffeine (if I really must then green tea instead of more coffee… Even though I LOVE it)
  • Dark chocolate instead of milk
  • Almond and coconut milk instead of cow’s
  • Trying to eat less gluten free bread and pasta, as I eat far too much
  • More leafy greens
  • More ginger, turmeric, olive oil and garlic



I definitely ain’t perfect, but juggling looking after a little one and working sometimes means it’s a case of grab and go! But, at least if I’m more conscious about my decisions, I’ll eat better overall, even with a few slips. I’ll keep you posted on the journey! Be keen to hear off anyone else who’s doing this, though and any tips…

Thanks for reading! X




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