When mum and dad went ‘out out’ to Albert’s Schenke Launch Event!

(Press Invite)


Last week I was invited along to the launch of Albert’s Schenke – basically, the new restaurant in town that you’re going to see everyone checking in at on Insta. The newest brainchild from Mission Mars; the owners of Albert’s Schloss, it also comes from the same family as Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza, The Elephant and The Viking.


These days, when I say I’m ‘going out’, I usually mean to the Co-op for bread. And that’s no joke! It’s not easy for me and the other half to get a babysitter – and, to be fair, we’re usually happiest indoors watching ‘Stranger Things’ with a bottle of red anyway!

But, this invitation was WAY too good to pass up and it was quite nice to be invited out for the first glimpse of a fancy new restaurant and treated like a VIP! I was excited to bump into some lovely blogger friends too after such a long time. So, my lovely sis in law kindly offered to come round after she finished work and mum and dad embarked on our first meal and drinks together in 2 years, eeks.


So, off we went into the night, after shaving my legs half an hour before – thanks to a monsoon-like thunderstorm all day meaning I couldn’t get out of the house to buy razors!

We’d enjoyed a week of scorchio weather, during which I only had drawers full of jeans and long sleeved tops to choose from, as my summer clothing was all in the loft. So, then I went out and bought a dress and the weather turned crazy: a total washout.

But, the sunshine decided to come back out in time for us to leave and as soon as I walked through the doors of Albert’s Schenke, I totally forgot all of the stress. The staff were the most welcoming ever and the atmosphere was electric as soon as we stepped foot through the door.


I bumped into my lovely mates, the girls from The Daily Struggle, who are like Liverpool’s answer to Sex and the City – except sassier, edgier and funnier! So, it was so nice to see them and put me at ease straightaway having a giggle with them.

Next, we were offered a lovely, cold glass of prosecco on arrival, which went down a treat in the heatwave. And, while we sipped on that, the Bavarian-style waitresses rounded everyone up for a game of ring toss with a giant pretzel – obviously, I was rubbish, but the other half smashed it, first attempt.

So, we started our first night out with free shots of Schnapps! And, the drinks just kept flowing… in the form of ice cold biers and gorgeous cocktails that even the other half who isn’t a cocktail drinker said were ‘extremely drinkable’. (My fave was the watermelon gin, mmm).


Just when I thought the night so far could not get any better, we were shown to our table, which just happened to be next to the amazingly down to earth yet superwoman blogging queen, Stephi LeReine. She is total influencer royalty and super lovely, so it was gorgeous to see her.

Then, we suddenly heard the piano start up as Liviu Gheorghe tickled the ivories while songstress Lucie Meiselle wowed the crowd with a range of R&B hits given a jazz-inspired twist.

It was clear that every single minute of the evening had been carefully thought about, so that there was always something going on to keep guests entertained. And, it wasn’t just the entertainment, but the food and drinks too that had been carefully considered and staff were all extremely knowledgeable about it too. It was clear they were more than just a pretty face.

So, here’s what we had… he had spiced cauliflower (and LOVED it – even though he normally hates cauliflower!) while I had burrata. It was absolutely beautiful washed down with my white wine!


Then for our main, he chose a raclette burger, which is made from 28 day aged Cheshire beef and is topped with truffle aioli.  He was raving about how very rich and delicious it was, but especially how the chicken liver pate just topped it off perfectly – and he was very full afterwards, so definitely not one for the faint hearted!


I opted for the pan fried seabass with summer veg and gruyere, but instead of orzo – which our lovely waiter, Ross, advised wasn’t gluten free for me – they made me some potatoes to go with it.

It was totally delicious and I can’t praise the staff enough for being so reassuring and helpful about my gluten intolerance, as I sometimes feel mega awkward about it eating out! (I decided not to worry about the dairy and sugar for one night as that would have made it even more tricky – and once wouldn’t hurt!).


Then for dessert, it was tartufo for him and Pear, ricotta and almond torte for me – both so gorgeous.


All in all, this was the perfect first night out for us – it couldn’t have gone any better and we left with full bellies, happy memories and a promise to return soon. We would even feel comfortable taking little legs with us for a lunch time meal next time. Best of luck to the restaurant, what a great team you have.


If you fancy visiting, the restaurant is located at the old Hub restaurant, at the very end of Hanover Street and Duke Street, right on the corner. It’s opposite John Lewis and the Paradise Street bus station. Here’s the address:

Albert’s Schenke
16 Hanover Street
L1 4AA


Thanks for reading! x

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