10 Things To Do with Kids for around a Tenner in Liverpool

Absolutely exhausted all the same ideas with the kids over the Summer Holidays and looking for something to do over the last week?

Or, just looking for ideas for younger kids when the older ones are back in school or when you need ideas for the weekend?

Here are my fave things we’ve done the last few weeks in Liverpool…

  1. Potter Around, Old Swan


This little shop is a haven for little Picassos – and big ones, too! It’s £3 entry per painter and free entry if you spend £15 on your pottery. There are plenty of pieces for you to choose from, we picked a £6 large square tile for my 1 year old to paint and a £9 plate for my teenage nephew to do.

So, there are slightly cheaper pieces if you want to keep costs down as well as larger pieces. This was definitely one of the most successful days in the Summer Holidays we had!

Both of them absolutely loved creating their potteries, I returned 4 days later to pick them up after they’d been glazed and fired for us – and they have been asking to go back soon before we’d even left.

2. Crafty Mamas, Huyton



I heard about this through of the mums from play group who’d been and said it was brand new and spotless, which is always a big win for us mums! This place is Instagram heaven for us – I saw another mummy blogger there trying to get a pic of her kid on the stage complete with piano and drum kit, while her kid had other ideas, ha!

The reason for this was that there is just sooo much fun stuff in there, the kids haven’t got time for your social media nonsense! There’s crafts, a bouncy castle, weekly changing tuff tray, chalk board, sand and water play, ball pool, costumes, dinosaurs, book corner, sensory room, designated baby area – oh, and did I mention the food options are healthy, too?

Just £2.50 for 12 months and under, then £5 for 5 or under.

3. Libraries


Ashamed as I am to admit it, I often forget we have free local libraries right on our door stop. So, when I stumbled into mine to take my dad to his Smokefree clinic, I thought I’d let my little legs explore the kids books section.

She loved it so much we sat there reading for quite a while, before choosing several classic titles and signing up for membership. The next week I returned with my teenage nephew while I was looking after him and he was wowed by the graphic novel section to the point where we took out 4 books for him and he’d read them by teatime!

We love that we have this option to go to whenever we fancy it now, as it’s perfect for those days where you don’t want to stray too far from home.

Or, if you fancy building a bigger day out around discovering the beauty of reading, definitely visit Central Library and let the kids’ imaginations go wild with the sheer volume of stories. They often have events on for kids, too!

4. Croxteth Park and Farm


Croxteth Hall and Park always offers something new to discover – from the little train, donkey rides, small and large playgrounds, tours of the hall, stables and just the park alone – to the wonderful little farm at the centre of it.

It’s a great day out for kids of all ages, as who doesn’t love a comical, unpredictable animal, eh? My personal favourites are the owls, but my little legs loves the horses and feeding the goats and pigs, though to be honest she just loves staring at them all.

It’s a great place to meet friends, too and there’s two little cafes – though the old stables offers a bit more space and better access to the loos.

5. Tumble Town, Norris Green


I get a bit nervous taking my girl to the bigger soft plays as it can get a bit boisterous when some of the big kids are let loose without much supervision. Then, on the other hand, I like to make sure now she’s getting bigger herself, that she’s not getting boisterous around smaller babies.

So, this soft play is the perfect size to keep an eye on them and following them up the higher parts if need be, without getting in too deep! It has a whole separate section for toddlers and the ball pool is tucked in the corner, too.

It’s £4.50 for my 1 year old and they also have special days throughout the week where you might get a free cuppa – and there’s also days where the staff dress up as characters at lunch time. My girl LOVED seeing Minnie Mouse!

6. Play Group in the Park


We’re so lucky to have Sure Start childrens’ centres in our city. They were a real life line for me without any local friends with babies when little legs was small. Though I was nervous at first about singing nursery rhymes I didn’t know in front of strangers at first, it broke the day up for me – and my girl napped after it!

So, we quickly became regulars and the more we went, the more we loved it – the sensory rooms, the planning and ideas behind groups that were genuinely good at bringing her development and confidence on – and more than anything, the fun she had making little mates.

So, although the clubs have been off for summer, we’ve attended the activities they’ve had on – such as the fab little play group in the park. So, check out what’s on at your Sure Start or just head to the park and let your little one find new mates while you might do too!

7. Look For A Book


Our little local park has started joining in with the ‘Look For A Book’ scheme. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s where you hunt for books around the park, left by other children with a note attached from them.

We feel like we’re hunting for treasure and have donated a few ourselves too! It’s a lovely idea that has brought all the kids together to share their favourite stories and encourage reading.

If you’re not sure whether there’s one near you, have a look at whether your local park has a Facebook page as there should be information on there. (And goes without saying this activity is totally FREE!)

8. Walker Art Gallery



The Walker has always been one of my favourite places in the whole of the city, but since having my baby, it opened up to me a whole other side to this historic building.

The Big Art for Little Artists area is always great to visit, open daily and with events on at certain times. Join in with singalongs, arts and crafts, dress up, story time and much more.

It’s free, it’s imaginative and my little one never wants to leave as well as my 13 year old nephew who loves discovering the classic masterpieces around the gallery.

9. Museums


Following on from the Walker, the World Museum, Maritime Museum and Museum of Liverpool are some other favourite haunts of ours. Again, free, fun and offering some educational aspects too – it’s a great day out for all ages.

The World Museum is probably our favourite as there’s a broad range that toddlers to teenagers (and adults!) can enjoy. From Ancient Egypt to dinosaurs and bugs, space and the planetarium as well as the aquarium. It’ll take you a few visits to get around them all!

We’re incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful selection of so many great museums in Liverpool and on the outskirts too, such as Sudley House in Mossley Hill.

10. Favourite Activity Day


And, finally, if you’re really stuck for ideas or just can’t get out, just let them do their faves. Go crazy, kids. Sometimes, it’s nice to let them lead instead of us trying to manage the whole thing – and they LOVE it.

It doesn’t always have to be a big fancy day out that takes a week to prepare, it can be a sand and water pit in the morning, finger painting in the afternoon and musical instruments or just dancing round the living room.

And it’ll probably be their favourite day of all – my little mate smiles from ear to ear when we just stick ‘We are FAMLEE’ (as she calls it) on by Sister Sledge and bounce around!

Have a great week – and pop your suggestions below for any other ideas! X

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