Leaf in West Kirby – First time eating out post Lockdown! (PR Invite)

Here I am, back to writing on my actual blog – and it feels so good. A love of writing is what started this whole thing off and yet I’ve been sidelined by Instagram, instead of doing proper posts which are so much more me!! (though I love insta too 😁

So, here I am, kicking things back off – now with 2 little people in tow since I last wrote – with a review of the wonderful West Kirby — LEAF (thisisleaf.co.uk)

Goan curry with chicken and veg (and a cheeky baby thief 😂

Food is my BFF

An invitation to eat food is basically the easiest way to make me say ‘yes’. So, I was buzzing when I was asked to review Leaf!

I was familiar with the Liverpool branch after doing pre drinks there in my going out days, eating out there and having coffee there as a new mum! It’s just the type of place where you can do all of the things – a really good, warm and friendly all rounder.

Welcome to Leaf!

New to the West Kirby block

I wasn’t even aware there was a West Kirby branch, however. They had opened just before the lockdown (so had a nightmare with timing there) so that’s why they had gone under the radar a bit.

But, oh my word, they will be my go – to restaurant Wirral side now!!! The name alone assures you that based on their reputation, the food will be good, the atmosphere will be the perfect mix of cosy, trendy and unpretentious and the venue will be family friendly.

Me absolutely loving eating food with my little gang

First meal out as a family of 4

It was pretty special to have our first meal altogether and my 3 year old was so excited she even wore her Belle dress for the occasion 😂 The staff were lovely with her and the baby, with one of the guys making a big deal of having a princess in the restaurant haha.

Got to love a good burger

I ate the Goan curry and opted for chicken with the veggies and it was sooo delicious and creamy, not to mention HUGEEEEE. Hands down, best version of it I’ve ever tasted! And they were great about being on top of things being made gluten free and dairy free with mine and baby’s intolerances.

The big girl had the kids fish and chips which was, again, a whopper portion size and she didn’t leave a crumb!

And my other half had a burger and chips – he said it was pretty great, and as its his fave meal he is a bit of a burger connoisseur 😂

The baby pinched a little bit of all our meals with her baby food 😁

The final verdict

Cosy corners everywhere

Get yourself to Leaf. Pronto. If you’re around West Kirby, whether you live nearby or you’re there on a day trip, it’s the perfect place to have lunch or dinner.

Reasonably priced, great for couples, families, kids and parties. Just nice and laidback, not too rowdy, great social distancing and precautions in place – even a lovely outdoor area they’ve especially built since covid.

And, if you’re a foodie like us, you’ll love the menu. It’s a great mix of comfort food and adventurous dishes with plenty of vegan options.

Thanks for having us Leaf! X

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