This is my little lifestyle blog, which I’ve started as a place to channel my ramblings about most things – life, food (my favourite thing), style, home interiors, travel and all my general every day adventures.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog but didn’t for multiple reasons (I was too scared, I put it off, other things happened in life and I didn’t have the time, plus I didn’t think I had a specialist area to talk about, really – apart from bargains? I LOOOVE  a good bargain and I’m pretty good at hunting them out…), but otherwise, I’m just the same as everyone else really – I go to work, come home, drink lots of tea, eat choc and love to curl up on the couch with a good box set 🙂

But then I saw some lovely little blogs about other normal people that interested me because it’s cool to see their thoughts on stuff and tips, which I’d personally rather read about as it’s more relatable to me. So maybe others will feel the same about mine! I hope so, anyway.

But otherwise, it’s a good little creative outlet anyway, as I love writing. And now feels like the right time to do something, and hopefully I have a bit more to say on various things. I would also love to read your comments, and appreciate any feedback on this new journey for me. Exciting times! And I’ll try not to say ‘lovely’ too much, but I can’t promise anything…!

Love Alex